Earth Observation Engineering


  • 20 h. Lecture Class = 10 h ; Tutorial = 10 h
  • Description:
    • This module aims to make the students familiar with the engineering process of a space Earth Observation Mission. Educational objectives are to understand the principles of earth observation space systems engineering in the early design phases, that is :
      • To know the main types of earth observation missions
      • To know how to capture and analyse user needs
      • To know what an earth observation space system consists of
      • To know how to identify the driving parameters of an earth observation mission
      • To know the different steps of system and instrument requirements derivation from mission performance requirements
      • To understand the iterative process between user needs definition and design
      • To understand the trade-off between observations performances and operational capacity performances
      • To understand the interdependency between the different elements of an earth observation space system
    • Teaching is based on an infrared Earth observation mission real case exercises and lectures on topics addressing the different steps of Earth observation engineering process as well as the remote sensing principles and techniques.