Embedded Engineering


  • Embedded engineering (2 ECTS): LC : 8h, TC: 4h, LW: 8h
  • Coordinator: Vincent Vigneron
  • Teacher: Lamri Nehaoua
    • Lectures:
      • From interconnected logic devices to programmed logic devices.
      • Embedded system design methodology, focus on the abstraction levels.
      • System description: introduction to VHDL description language.
      • What about microcontrollers and microprocessors: the IP (intellectual property) revolution.
    • Tutorial:
      • Design of a simple 16-bits processor by using VHDL description.
    • Lab work:
      • Basic examples of VHDL implementation on an FPGA.
      • Altera NIOS processor (or another): an example of using IP bloc.
  • Students should have some prerequisites about computer architecture, microcontroller concept and logic devices. Some lecture supports about these topics will be prepared and proposed before the start of this course.