GNS Global NavigationSystems Telemetry


Table of Contents
  • Introduction to GNSS: the case of GPS
    • History and structure: control segment, space segment, user segment
    • Operating Principles
  • Geodesy, coordinate systems and positioning in space
    • Cartesian and celestial coordinate system, orbital system...
  • From orbit to ECEF position
    • Gravitation and Kepler's laws, orbital coordinate system ECEF
  • GPS: determining position
    • Calculation methods, DOP, transformation from ECEF to WGS84 position
    • Precision and time drift management
  • Transmission and signal processing
    • Generalities on telemetry, telemetry from space to earth
    • GPS signals, correlation functions, distance measurement
    • Time corrections and relativistic adjustements
  • Other GNSS systems
    • SBAS, Galileo, Glonass, QZSS, Compass, IRNSS ...
  • AMS02: a GPS receiver in a spatial experimentation on ISS
    • Presentation of AMS-02 experiment, astrophysical issues
    • GPS receiver description, integration in onboard software
    • Data analysis for GPS/subsystem on ISS
  • Practical works:
    • Coordinate system transformations
    • Decoding GPS data