Radiation Thermometry


  • 30 h - Lectures (20h) Experimental work (10h)
  1. General Thermic.
    • Thermal/Thermodynamic equilibrium/La of Gaz/Carnot cycle
    • Thermal flux out of equilibrium
    • Conduction: Resistance, thermal capacitance. Continuum material, thermal contact.
    • Convection: Free and forced, state/phase change. Coefficient of exchange.
    • Radiation: Geometrical factor, solid angle, factor of sight. Emissivity, albedo.
    • Measurement: Unity, Thermal sensor, contactless measurement.
  2. Thermal Control.
    • Thermal interfaces. CTE, dark current, qualification. Active and passive control.
    • Thermal modeling. FEA, simplify, coupling.
    • Spacecraft issues. Launch. Space environments Orbit, solar and terrestrial radiation.
    • Thermal requirements and worst case analysis. Thermal Analysis.
  3. Technologies for thermal control.
    • Radiators and surfaces. Conduction of Heat. Insulation. Filtering. Heaters. Coolers. Active control.
    • Spacecraft system engineering. Thermal control working. Verification of the thermal control. System and equipment qualification. Thermal balance. Set‐up of experiment. Facilities. Effect of the space environnements on the thermal control.