Workshop of Small Satellite Design


  • Lecture Class + Tutorial Class: 52h
  • Description:
    • Basic knowledge to design a spacecraft:
      • Choice of the orbit (through exercises on heliosynchronism, phasing, rentry)+ programmation (Matlab) of a propagator
      • Attitude control (through the programmation of a 3 axis controller on Matlab) and equipment choice on the internet
      • RF subsystem sizing (links budgets) and choice of equipments on the internet
      • Power subsystem sizing (solar flux, battery, solar array, energy balance exercice) and choice of equipments on the internet
      • Thermal subsystem (7 node thermal model on Excel to calculate spacecraft temperature)
    • 2nd part:
      • Structure design and analysis (study design requirements based on rocket environments, material selection, design, structure thermal model, EM, FM, vibration analysis, modal analysis, ...)
      • Attitude determination for attitude control (requirement analysis, attitude representations, attitude dynamics and kinematics, sensor modeling, attitude determination algorithms numerical simulation and testing, ...)
      • Command and Data Handling (requirement analysis, telemetry and command collecting, interface design, development plan, test plan, ...)