Meeting of USTH Master Space students doing internships in France on June 19, 2018


Annually, after the first two months of internship in France, USTH Master Space students have a meeting in Paris in oder to present their work to professors involved in the Master Space program of USTH.

This meeting is a marvellous opportunity for students to review their internship progress and to receive valuable advice from French professors. In addition, this is also a special occasion for Master and Bachelor students to contact with USTH PhD students and professors in Paris.

University of Science and Technology of Hanoi - USTH, also known as Vietnam France University, is an international public university that follows the Bologna process for Diploma, which is widely used in most of the universities in Europe. The entire training program is given in English, designed by leading professors of France in the field of aerospace. With a solid background in foreign languages ​​and scientific knowledge, USTH Space students are able to find paid internships in the world's leading countries in science and technology. This is also a golden opportunity for students to seek scholarships for Masters and PhDs abroad.

Space science is a new field in Vietnam, but this plays an important role in the development of most of the fields of science - technology - application - economy - society. USTH is the first and only institution in Vietnam to train the aerospace science from bachelor to doctoral level, with the highest level of support from French partners.

More information about the USTH space science training program:
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