Profile Staff

Full Name
DR. Filipe Aires
Education & Professional Qualification
  • Director of Research at CNRS at the Laboratory for the Study of Radiation and Matter in Astrophysics and Atmosphere, Observatory of Paris, Paris, France
  • Adjunct research scientist at Columbia University, New York, USA
Research Interests
Atmospheric survey:
  •   Temperature
  •   Water Vapour
  •   Multi-Spectral Synergy
Remote sensing of surfaces:
  •   Surface temperature
  •   Surface Emissivity
  •   Soil moisture
  •   Inundated areas
  •   Ocean
Climate Analysis:
  •   Process studies
  •   Validation of Global Climate Models
Impact study:
  •   Impact model
Space missions / Instruments:
  •   IASI
  •   Megha-Tropics
  •   Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT)
  •   Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS)
  •   Microwat
  •   Globap Precipitation Mission (GPM)
  •   Downscaling
  •   Remote sensing with neural networks
Lecturing fields