Master SPACE's Teaching Modules


List of modules of the USTH Master SPACE. The name and description of each module will be taught in USTH master SPACE (2019 - 2020).
  • SS: Modules were designed for Space Science discipline.
  • ST: Modules were designed for Space Technology discipline.
  • SS+ST: Modules were designed for both disciplines.
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Master 1st year - Semester S1 - 30 ECTS

Code Option Title ECTS Coordination Lecturers
11.2 SS+ST Introduction to Astrophysics  2 Pham Thi Tuyet Nhung (VNSC)
11.3 SS+ST Introduction to satellite technology 2 Le Xuan Huy (VNSC)  Le Xuan Huy (VNSC)
11.4 SS+ST Optical, Infrared and Microwave Imaging Systems 4 Gérard Rousset (U. Paris Diderot) Damien Gratadour (U. Paris Diderot), Guillaume Patanchon (U. Paris Diderot), Gérard Rousset (U. Paris Diderot), Thierry Koleck (CNES)
11.5 SS+ST Signal Processing 3 Damien Gratadour (U. Paris Diderot) Gérard Rousset (U. Paris Diderot)Damien Gratadour (U. Paris Diderot), Guillaume Patanchon (U. Paris Diderot)
11.6 SS+ST Algorithmics and Programming 2 Cyrille Rosset (CNRS) Cyrille Rosset (CNRS)
11.10 SS+ST Fundamental in Physics - I 4 Guillaume Patanchon (U. Paris Diderot) Guillaume Patanchon (U. Paris Diderot), Cyrille Rosset (CNRS)
11.11 SS+ST Planetary Sciences 2 Sonia Fornasier (U. Paris Diderot) Sonia Fornasier (U. Paris Diderot)
12.5 SS+ST Concept of Image Processing 2 Nicolas Delbart (U. Paris Diderot) Le Huu Ton (USTH/ICT)
12.3 SS+ST Physics of Radiation and Particle Detectors 4 Eric Nuss (UM) Eric Nuss (UM)

Master 1st year - Semester S2 - 30 ECTS

Code Option Title ECTS Coordination Lecturers
12.1 SS+ST Celestial Mechanics and Orbitography  2 Hubert Halloin (U. Paris Diderot) Hubert Halloin (U. Paris Diderot)
12.2 SS+ST Space project management 3 Laurent Boisnard (CNES) Rodolphe Clédassou (CNES), Laurent Boisnard (CNES)
12.4 SS+ST Numerical Methods 3 Stéphane Jacquemoud (U. Paris Diderot) Stéphane Jacquemoud (U. Paris Diderot), Le Ngoc Tram (SOFIA-USRA & USTH)
12.10 SS+ST Earth Observation: Methods and Applications 3 Catherine Prigent (CNRS-OBSPM) Catherine Prigent (CNRS-OBSPM) - 16h, Stéphane Jacquemoud (U. Paris Diderot) - 10h, Filipe Aires (CNRS-OBSPM) - 14h
12.11 SS+ST Image Processing applied to remote sensing 2 Nicolas Delbart (U. Paris Diderot) Pham Duc Binh (USTH), Dinh Ho Tong Minh (IRSTEA, TETIS)
12.7 SS+ST Workshop on Small Satellites Design 4 Le Xuan Huy (VNSC), Linda Tomasini (CNES) Joël Michaud (CNES), Jean-Luc Le Gal (CNES)
11.12 SS+ST Astrophysics 3 Denis Puy (UM) Denis Puy (UM)
12.9 SS+ST Fundamental in Physics - II 3 Isabelle Kleiner (CNRS-UPEC) Martin Schwell (UPEC), Ha Tran (CNRS)
12.12 SS+ST Two month internship 7 Ngo Duc Thanh (USTH)  

Master 2nd year - Semester S3 - 30 ECTS

Code Option Title ECTS Coordinator Lecturers
21.1 SS+ST Human, Economic, Social and Juridical Sciences 5 USTH USTH
21.2 SS+ST Observational Techniques 3 Cédric Leyrat (OBSPM) Cédric Leyrat (OBSPM)
21.3 SS+ST Space & Application Project 3 Benoît Mosser (OBSPM) Pierre Drossart (Obs. de Paris)
21.4 SS+ST Methodology for Astrophysics 2 Nguyen Thi Thao (VNSC) Nguyen Thi Thao (VNSC)
21.5 SS+ST Seminars 0 USTH USTH
21.6 SS+ST Engineering for Earth Observation Space Systems 2 Linda Tomasini (CNES) Linda Tomasini (CNES)
21.8 SS+ST The effect of ionizing radiation on the components 2 Frédéric Saigné (UM) Alain Michez (UM), Frédéric Wrobel (UM)
21.9 SS+ST Spacecraft Architecture 3 Rodolphe Clédassou (CNES) Rodolphe Clédassou (CNES), Laurent Boisnard (CNES)
21.13 SS+ST Ground Segment 1 Anne-Thérèse Nguyen (CNES) Guillaume Quenouille (CNES)
21.14 SS+ST Advanced Astrophysics and Planetology – I 2 Daniel Rouan (CNRS) Yves Bénilan (UPEC), Alain Doressoundiram (LESIA)
21.16 SS+ST Remote Sensing of Continental Surface 2 Nicolas Delbart (U. Paris Diderot) Pham Duc Binh (USTH), Dinh Ho Tong Minh (Montpellier)
21.17 SS+ST Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere 2 Gilles Foret (UPEC) Gilles Foret (UPEC) - 15h, Ngo Duc Thanh (USTH) - 15h
21.18 SS+ST Remote sensing of the Ocean and Coastal Zones 1 Catherine Prigent (CNRS-OBSPM) Fernando Nino (IRD), Hubert Loisel (ULCO) 
21.19 SS OPTION 1 - Advanced Astrophysics - II 2 Daniel Rouan (CNRS) Daniel Rouan (CNRS)
21.15 SS OPTION 2 - GIS: Geographical Information System 2 Jean-Paul Deroin (Reims) Jean-Paul Deroin (Reims), Tong Si Son (USTH)

Master 2nd year - Semester S2 - 30 ECTS

Code Option Title ECTS Coordinator Lecturers
22.1 SS+ST 6 month internship 30