Remote Sensing of Continental Surfaces


  • Lecture Class + Tutorial Class: 40h
  • Description:
    • Optical remote sensing images time serieswill used for flood detection, vegetation seasonal cycle monitoring, and land cover mapping applications. The concepts of radiance, reflectance, spectral indices will be presented. The practical will be dedicated to the manipulation of time series of images.
      • Continental hydrology (flood, soil moisture)
      • Agriculture and forest ecosystems
      • Land use and land cover changes
    • Geomorphology and geophysics:
      • Principles of SAR Inteferometry (InSAR) and its applications in land surface (elevation, deformation monitoring) will be shown. Beside the theory lectures, the practical tutorial will be carried out by using Matlab/Octave to process SAR images. ¨Practical : Ground subsidence monitoring by InSAR with Maltab/Octave.