Spacecraft Architecture


  • Lecture Class + Tutorial Class: 30h
  • Description:
    • This course aims at teaching to the students how the requirements and the constraints of a mission orient the design of a spacecraft.
    • To design a satellite and its ground segment it is first necessary to express the mission needs and to challenge them against the requirements and the design constraints.
    • After a brief recall of the basic spatial mechanics notions, we will describe several types of missions and their typical constraints.
    • Then, we will focus on the different types of equipment onboard satellites and learn what are its different functional chains.
    • The course will end with two working sessions in small teams. These working sessions will permit the students to design themselves two space systems (one on an interplanetary mission and the other on a telecommunication system).
  • Lecturers : R. Clédassou and E. Hinglais (CNES)