SpaceTalk: Magnetic fields surrounding LkHα 101 taken by the BISTRO survey


The Department of Space and Application (DSA) of University of Science and Technology Hanoi (USTH) invites you to come to our seminar, topic: “Magnetic fields surrounding LkHα 101 taken by the BISTRO survey.”

  • Speaker: Ms. Nguyen Bich Ngoc (PhD student, GUST/VNSC/KASI)
  • Time: 14h30, Thursday DEC 24, 2020
  • Place: Room 711, USTH Building (A21), 18B Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Registration:


Magnetic fields play important roles in the formation and evolution of molecular clouds and protostars. However, their precise roles, in particular at different stages of cloud evolution, are not well-understood. More observational constraints are required to test the proposed models and, therefore, to better understand the importance of magnetic fields. Polarized dust emission is a key tool for measurement of magnetic field morphology. The LkHα-101 region is one of the densest regions with an early-B star in the Auriga cloud, a nearby giant molecular cloud of the Gould Belt.

This study is a part of the “B-fields In STar-forming Region Observations” (BISTRO) survey which is a large program of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT). The polarized dust thermal emission was taken by the POL-2 polarimeter at 850-micron wavelength.

We are looking forward to welcoming all those who are interested in attending.